• Blue Letter Bible Search KJV only – online Bible verses with links to Greek/Hebrew helps, cross-references, concordances, conservative Christian commentaries, other versions, and searchable Bible dictionaries. Search by word or phrase, Strong's concordance number, or scripture reference.
  • BibleGateway Search 21 English versions, and in thirty-four other languages. External link.
  • BibleStudyTools Create personalized Bible Studies with the ability to highlight Scripture, save notes in the margin, search and compare 31 versions side by side on a split-panel screen, and the convenience of searching many commentaries, lexicons, concordances, historical writings, devotionals, maps, and more. External link.

Online Bibles

  • King James Bible Read the KJV Authorized Version, Holy Bible...with words added for clarity by the translators printed in brackets
  • Webster's Bible Read the 1834 update of the KJV by Noah Webster, of dictionary fame.
  • Young's Literal Translation Read the 1898 translation is extremely literal and attempts to preserve the tense and word usage as found in the original Greek and Hebrew writings.

Audio Bibles

  • ESV Online Study Bible Search the ESV Online Study Bible, and listen along with the audio reading of each selection. The English Standard Version is an “essentially literal” translation that seeks as far as possible to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. You may search for multiple chapters, i.e., Psalm 36-40, and listen to the full selection.