Proverbs 17

My personal Bible study with commentary and devotional thoughts:

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Pr 17:1 Our culture worships success and is willing to sacrifice anything and everyone to achieve it. We praise the ability to handle stress, 7-day work weeks, and late nights at the office… while pitying the families shattered by it and mourning those poor souls who die an early death because of it. Don’t make a living. Get a life!

17:2 We owe our employees more than a meager paycheck when they are productive. God’s word teaches that they deserve a generous share of the wealth they generate and an equal share of the status and the privilege enjoyed by the family of the employer.

17:3 The tribulations of verse 1 are self-made and should be avoided. However, that does not mean that our lives should be totally carefree without any stress. God uses the very worst days of our lives, whether cooked up by hell itself or in the kitchen of our own foolishness, to lead us towards the right path, to refine us, and to mold us into His image.

17:7 I wish we could all remember this at election time. It isn’t the eloquence of the speech, nor the smoothness of the presentation, but rather the character of the person that counts. It is also helpful to remember who God calls a “fool” rather than who the opposing political party mocks as one.

17:9 God sought Adam and Eve in the garden as they hid, naked and ashamed in their disobedience, and then He covered them. He sent His own Son to seek lost sheep and to not only cover us but to cleanse us from our sin. Oh, How He Loves US! And oh, how He treasures our love in return!

17:11;20 Revolution is sometimes a good thing. Thomas Jefferson said so! I am exceedingly grateful to his kind. But… often if not usually, so called revolutionaries are nothing more than rebels without a cause. The only thing they really value is the sound of their own voice. To tell everyone else how everything is wrong… until they get in power.

17:12 Any real wisdom found in these words of mine on this page, on this web site, or tumbling from my lips somewhere doesn’t come from me. I often feel that someone should be running down the street in front of me screaming “Robert’s coming!” as loudly as they would of a marauding bear. Ever feel the same?

17:14 How often do we go out of our way to have a knock-down, drag-out bloody fight? Not counting those of us who paid to do so, or who really enjoy a night in jail. Probably, not often if ever. On the other hand, how often do we bring up a small issue for discussion that we absolutely know is going to cause an argument? Don’t.

17:15;26 That said… 🙂 “abomination” is an ugly word these days. Most people who don’t read the Bible think it is only used in sentences relating to homosexuality. Not! This verse deals with justice: it is equally wrong to condemn the just as to justify the wicked. How does that apply to the controversial issues of the day?

17:17 “A friend loves at all times…” How does this apply to loyalty when everyone wants their head delivered on a platter? When the friend is wrong/guilty? When they’re in political office? The preacher who got caught? The friend or family member who just came “out”? Or, your fundamentalist, evangelical Christian co-worker?

17:18 Do I ever do something when I know beforehand that doing so is going to get me into trouble? With the spouse, the boss, the government or the media? Do I then flash my credentials or otherwise flaunt my position to justify my wrongdoing? The Apostle Paul wrote that we shouldn’t exercise our liberty at the expense of others.

17:22 Have you taken your medicine today? Or, are you so dry that everything shrivels up and blows away when you walk by?

17:27-28 Now you tell me!!! 🙂 I’m the quiet, shy type! It’s hard to get a word out of me. Honest! Oh, just stop it already.

Add your insights, answers, questions, etc in the comments. May God bless you today!

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  • john

    Does anyone realize that God’s words are exact , and without room for interpretation. Please, do not twist the scripture to satisfy societal needs, and political correctness. The devil is behind taking God’s children and putting doubts and strife amongst the flock. We are at war, a spiritual war there is no time to be misdirected. Stay steadfast, in prayer, and remember God’s words are exact and perfect not to be changed or translated to suit society, politics, or personal lifestyles. Peace be onto you.

  • Yes, the Bible is “God breathed” – verbally inspired. God’s words are 100% without error and have absolute authority over the lives of men. My words may have error and do not have any authority except those backed by God’s Word and Holy Spirit.

    You are free to agree or disagree with what I write. Accept or reject my words. But I suggest reading the scriptures to prove them whether they are, or not, in accordance with God’s words even though they are not an exact or perfect regurgitation of them in Hebrew, Greek, or English translation of your choice.

    The post is a commentary. Not an interpretation or translation. It is a preacher’s job to apply scripture to people’s lives in cultural context. I do not “twist” scripture, nor am I being “political correct” on any topic. However, I attempt “speaking the truth with love” when approaching controversial subjects.

  • Imagine my surprise to continue reading past Proverbs 17 a bit and saw what Proverbs 18:2 says …

  • I didn’t mean that to be critical of commentary by any means. We are to be doers of the word, not just hearers of it, and don’t our actions then become a translation and commentary on God’s word? Neither exact nor perfect, our belief and use of God’s word is what He asks of us, not always repeating His exact word. Make any sense?

  • Generally speaking… I agree whole-heartedly. Paul wrote that Christian’s are “a letter from Christ” — living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:1-3). For further reading see: Christian Character.

    But technically speaking… a “translation” is a rewriting of the original language into another AND portraying the result to be an exact copy of the original at best, or at the very least as close to it as possible within the limitations of the languages involved and in consideration of education level of the target audience.

    While I “strive for the mark” in my life, yielding it to be conformed to the very image of God, I don’t count myself as one who has arrived. I am not yet perfect, or exact. One day by His grace in Our Lord’s presence we will be!

    However, my intention in my reply to John was to clarify as I do again here: I am NOT writing a translation of the Holy Bible on this web site.

    And, yes, I am a fool. On more counts than one. But I do know a little about wisdom: Psalm 111:1-10, 2 Timothy 3:15-17, Proverbs 11:30.